Rolly Munro Demonstration

We are hosting an all day demonstration on Saturday October 12th by Rolly Munro who is from New Zealand. Rolly is well known for his decorative work and tools. Join us for this rare opportunity to see Rolly in action. Find out more here and book your tickets.

Chris Parker Demonstration

We are hosting an all day demonstration on Sunday September 8th 10am-4:30pm. Chris, who is well known for his creative pieces will be demonstrating an assortment of texturing and colouring techniques. FInd out more here and book your tickets.

Paul Sweete Demo – February ’24

Paul demonstrated turning a burr elm and resin bowl with a combination of bowl gouges and a carbide cutter. For the second half Paul turned a spalted beech “porriger” bowl and showed how to turn and cut the handles.

Mike Luck Demo April

April’s demo was embedding copper by Mike Luck. He showed how to prepare a bowl or platter, how to twist wire to prepare it as an inlay and how to embed it and glue it in place. Mike also showed examples of copper tube inlay with milliput expoxy putty.

Paul Hannaby Demo March ’23

Paul did a demonstration on colouring and grain fills. He explained the process of turning a simple ash bud vase and used the two vases he turned to demonstrate colouring by airbrushing spirit stains and followed up with coloured grain fills using waxes. For part two of the demo, Paul part turned a platter and […]

Keith Fenton Demo Jan ’23

January’s meeting was a demonstration by our chairman Keith Fenton. Keith demonstrated how to turn a toadstool box and a sphere. This one was turned from box wood.

Beer Pump Handles

We have been asked if our members would like to make some more pump handles for Hillside Brewery and there will be a competition for these at our AWGB 30th anniversary celebration on the 21st of June. Here is a diagram showing dimensions of the two types of pump handles. The creative bit is up […]

A Musical Evening

We had an informative demonstration and talk on ukelele making. At the end of the evening we were treated to a few songs to finish off!