Beer Pump Handles

We have been asked if our members would like to make some more pump handles for Hillside Brewery and there will be a competition for these at our AWGB 30th anniversary celebration on the 21st of June. Here is a diagram showing dimensions of the two types of pump handles. The creative bit is up […]

A Musical Evening

We had an informative demonstration and talk on ukelele making. At the end of the evening we were treated to a few songs to finish off!  

How to stop your finishes going off

Here’s a tip from one of our members If you find your finishes such as danish oil, finishing oil etc. are going off before you have chance to use them all, buy an aerosol can of nitrogen gas (commonly used for wine making) and put a squirt of the gas in the can before you […]

Spalted Beech vessel

This piece started as a project at the Forest of Dean Woodturners club night in August 2014. It originally weighted 64lbs and when finished tipped the scales at 4.5lbs, with a final size of 20” x 14.5”.